The Breakfast Scramble.

Our weekday breakfasts are never more than a green smoothie (self control seems to be easier on a schedule). But on the weekends, there are few things I love more than a hearty scramble for breakfast.

They’re ridiculously simple to do healthy, and always filling. I love to get creative when I’ve got the time (I never shop specifically for scramble ingredients, but I love to play “clean out the fridge” when it comes time to whip one up).

One of my favorites (and a fall back, due to simplicity) is a green scramble. Choose any leafy green you’ve got on hand. We always have kale in the fridge, so I tend to use that on the regular, but spinach or chard are great too. I top mine with an avocado (egg + avo = heaven), or fresh tomatoes — sometimes both! Toss a dollop of earth balance in a medium high skillet, sauté your greens. Once wilted, crack in your desired number of eggs and give them a good scramble. If I’m feeling rebellious, I’ll throw in some feta or pecorino for good measure. Cook until desired texture is achieved. Piece of cake!



On mornings when I’ve got an abundance of time or am entertaining, I’ll get a little crazy. This green tomato scramble was one of my most beloved breakfast creations this summer (and also my first adventure with green tomatoes).


This was a simple scramble with the addition of roasted green tomatoes and roasted sweet potatoes. Topped it off with an avocado and a spoonful of creamy basil sauce. So. Damn. Good.


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