Big Sky, Montana

Stop #2  //  Big Sky, Montana

We hit Big Sky proper during the offseason, so it was pretty sleepy.  To add to the low energy, it was a pretty stormy day, so there weren’t many (if ANY) folks out and about.  We putzed around the backroads and wound our way through the giganto houses (that seemed equally as desolate).  We enjoyed some comfort food (read: pizza) at Ousel + Spur Pizza and moseyed on our way to our ranch in the Gallatin Valley (DEFINITELY the highlight of Big Sky, so read on!).

320 Ranch:  Where your life will be forever changed.

Okay, maybe it’s not THAT extreme.  But our 24 hours in the Gallatin Valley were definitely remarkable.

Here’s why:

The welcoming  //  30 minutes after departing Big Sky, we crossed a small bridge over the Gallatin River marking the entrance to our accommodations for the evening.  As our tires reached land, we slowed to take in the views.  Sweeping valleys beneath rolling, golden mountains.  Proud trees amidst open skies as far as the eye could see.  All of it breathtaking in its simplicity.

Before we were able to continue, we found ourselves smack in the middle of a real life horse stampede.  A HORSE STAMPEDE.  A full on game of chicken, featuring one little Outback and 50+ horses.  It was one of those rare, awe-inspiring moments where you’re completely lost in the magic of the experience.  The ground rumbled, and clicked, and rose beneath their hooves.  You could hear their life, feel their energy.  And just as quickly as it began, it was over.  We watched, in wonder, as they became tiny toy horses in the rear view mirror, eventually vanishing into the trees.

The lodging  //  With a welcoming like that, we knew we were going to fall in love.  Our quaint log cabin, tucked into the hills was the perfect place to call home for the night.  Simple, clean, and rustic was just what the doctor ordered.  The front porch was the perfect place to unwind and absorb that ranch life.  

We ended the evening with a little walk about…

…and a spirulina mask, of course.

The next day brought another magical experience, as we met our equine friends again.  This time we took their backs and they allowed us to join them on their adventure through the valley.  For two phenomenal hours, these amazing creatures led us through the woods and brush and up to a nearby peak where we took in sweeping views of the valley.

How grateful we were for such a magical experience at this charming ranch.  It was hard to say goodbye, but we’ll definitely be back.  


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