Bozeman, Montana

Stop #1  //  Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman: a little bit Portland, a little bit Los Angeles, a little bit small town, all nestled in a scenic valley rimmed by beautiful mountains.

We spent less than 24 hours in this charming city, but it was easy to get comfortable.

Here’s why:

Where to wander  //  Downtown was quaint, clean, and full of character.  Small enough to be walkable, but full of enough eats and shopping to keep us entertained.  Also: lots of good doors, because every city needs good doors.

Where to play  //  Just outside of the city, we explored Pete Hill/Burke Park.  This great trail was perfect for burning a few calories, taking in some awesome views, and letting Pierce get his wiggles out before we hit the road.  There’s no shortage of outdoor activities in Bozeman.  Time prevented us from exploring the great outdoors too much, but we’re eager to dig a little deeper when we return.  

Where to sleep  //  Lodging was simple, convenient, and affordable.  We stayed at the Element Bozeman (dog friendly!) and felt right at home.  Located in the heart of downtown, it made for easy eating, shopping, and exploring.  Even Pierce snuggled right in.

Where to eat  //  The food.  THE FOOD.  If you know us at all, you know we basically travel to eat.  Strike that.  We basically LIVE to eat.  Bozeman did not fall short in the food department, and for that, we were grateful.  With less than 24 hours, we had to be a little choosy, but we certainly made some good decisions…

Blackbird was our first stop upon arrival.  It’s been 3 months since we experienced this dinner, and I’m still fighting the most intense craving for their kale salad.  Visually on point, exceptional food (simple, clean, fresh), and a laid back atmosphere.  The open kitchen always lures me in — it’s a treat to track your food from prep to table.  Put this high on your list of grub in Bozeman — you won’t be disappointed.

On our way out of town we dropped by Victory Tacos, an airstream trailer parked next to The Lark (high on our list of lodging options when we return).  Do not miss these tacos.  Fancy they are not, but excellent they are.  Street style, inexpensive, and filling, to boot.  You’ll dine al fresco at their little bar or at one of the few picnic tables in the lot.  Grab a side of guac, load up on the hot sauces, and don’t forget to include a Topo-Chico, because no taco is complete without it.  

Where to learn  //  While I had every intention of soaking up a load of knowledge on this roadtrip, the discovery of this T-Rex at the Museum of the Rockies was certainly a surprise.  He was discovered right here in Montana, measures 40 feet long, and is 60% REAL BONE!  He’s a part of the Siebel Dinosaur Complex — one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world (who knew?!?!).  

Adjacent to the Museum of the Rockies you’ll find the Living History Farm (free for all, all season).  This quick walk through an 1800s preserved homestead is worth the extra few minutes.  Beautiful gardens, chickens, cellars, and even a meal being cooked over the wood-burning stove.


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