All the single ladies.

(title cred: daniel chetter mankin)

2014, you’re going to be FAB.  I can tell already.  Minus ringing you in with a terrible sickness clear across the country (albeit surrounded by some magnificent people, food, and adventures), you’re already proving to be grand.

I’m sure I’ve resolved to do such in earlier years (and, quite honestly, almost every time I sit down to update this bad boy), but this year I intend to be quite diligent in the way of keeping this up to date.  Cross my heart.

Here’s what’s shakin’ at The Ranch:

For the last lot of months, my insanely talented step-father has been working on the most glorious chicken coop.  It was my Christmas gift a few years ago, but until now, a landing pad for it has been nonexistent.  Well the time has come, and it’s now perched perfectly in our backyard. Built from 90% (that’s a guess, but I tend to be acceptably well-informed, so I’ll assume it to be relatively accurate) repurposed materials, this beauty is surely a sight for sore eyes.  I had zero part in the original building of this coop (other than choosing a design), but George channeled my hopes and dreams flawlessly.  He pre-built it, disassembled, and carted it over this past weekend.  And now, up it stands!  Perfect in every way, I’m so damn excited to introduce The Golden Girls to their chick condo this spring.



Leveling and digging.  Digging and leveling.


I swear I was doing more than just taking pictures.


And then there were walls.


Inside the hen house. Nice digs, ladies.


Roofing on.


Siding (reclaimed fence boards) and wire.  Coming right along!


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