Quick Pickled Onions

Aaaand…we’rrrre…back on the cleanse

After a couple weeks of absolute indulgence (see everything Portland!), we’re back at our second round of the cleanse.

Today marks the end of day two and so far so good. I have to say, it’s much easier the second go round. And it seems that being comfortable and familiar with what you may and may not eat has lent itself to the creation of some fun, new recipes.

Tonight I topped my ground chicken breast and tomatoes (the one meal we could eat endlessly) with some homemade pickled onions that I had unintentionally been pickling since last weekend (we used for topping fish tacos pre-cleanse). Thankfully, all we had on hand at that time was apple cider vinegar, so when I discovered them in the redrigerator this evening, I was delighted that they fit the bill.

It was a simple recipe, that undoubtedly got better the longer it sat.

Thinly slice an onion of choice (I think this was a basic yellow onion). Place in a shallow container. Add enough apple cider vinegar to coat the onions and a good dousing of black pepper. Allow to sit for one hour or up to two weeks.

(I think next time I’ll try to beef up the spices and search for the perfect concoction, but for now, this was just what the starvation doctor ordered!)


I’m going to try my hand at some other veggies — cucumbers, radishes, asparagus. I’m digging this whole apple cider vinegar pickling idea.


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