Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in.

100%, prime time in love with Brooklyn.

A little Portland, a little Ballard, a little Bellingham, a LOT of hipster.

Favorite neighborhoods: Carroll Gardens + Williamsburg.

A must-do: Buttermilk Channel…

best. brunch. ever.

Pancakes are a difficult thing to make memorable. Can’t say I’ve ever had one that’s knocked my socks off — until now.


Banana walnut sticky bun that’ll make your tongue twitch.


Mushroom and goat cheese scramble: creamy like heaven.


Snoshage balls like whoa!


Buttermilk biscuits like yo gramma makes.


Jelly donut — cuz we didn’t have enough the first round.



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  1. Love the Avett Bros. nice blog entry 🙂

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