Happy birthday to me.

I was unable to volunteer as much as I’d hoped this year.  To clear my conscience, I decided to throw myself a non-traditional birthday.  35 people helped me celebrate.  With a personal goal of raising $1000 to support my organization (the one, and only, Coyote Central), you can imagine how humbled I was to more…

What the Pho’s for dinner?

New restaurant name?! Pho Ck-no. Okay. Down to business. I’ve been sick, as I may have mentioned in the previous post, so I’ve been craving strange, out of the ordinary things. Namely, Thai (I like Thai, I really do — but cravings for the cuisine are very, very rare). Along with this Thai craving came…

first feast – pdx.

¿ por que no? homemade raspberry coconut margarita with a chili salt rim. i die: two fish tacos (some of the best i’ve had) and one carnitas special (something sweet and spicy). all three full of enough goodness to knock you silly:


Cookshop : Huevos Rancheros. Second bed breakfast I had in the Big Apple. First best Huevos Rancheros I’ve ever had.

Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in.

100%, prime time in love with Brooklyn. A little Portland, a little Ballard, a little Bellingham, a LOT of hipster. Favorite neighborhoods: Carroll Gardens + Williamsburg. A must-do: Buttermilk Channel… best. brunch. ever. Pancakes are a difficult thing to make memorable. Can’t say I’ve ever had one that’s knocked my socks off — until now….

bagels in chelsea.

Murray’s bagels : to die for. Spinach bagel with jalapeño cream cheese (and a spicy homemade pickle on the side).