pow-pow-power meals.

with the rest of me, my eating habits are shifting…

while i still eat my standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner, i’ve really noticed myself starting to redefining my relationship with food.  instead of shaping my day around my meals, i’m shaping my meals around my day (for those of you that know me…this is big — i LOVE food — any shortage of it and i’m pretty unbearable).  it’s been a relatively tough battle with a brain that’s been on such a feeding schedule, but i think i’m close to perfection (ha — yeah, right).

i’m always conscious of what i’m putting in my body — that’s nothing new.  but since the start of the year, i’ve taken it to another level.  it’s not just that i’m staying away from processed foods, or red meat, or non-organic dairy…it’s more than that.  i’m considering the results of my meals — the effects of each ingredient — how i’ll feel after i eat it.

i’m training my brain to think of food as fuel, rather than something delicious settling in my belly.

now don’t get me wrong…i’m still JUST as in love with all things delicious as i was two months ago.  if anything, even more so!  i’m simply getting a handle on my food lust (which in all honesty, has been known to get a bit out of control).

in regular human terms:  it’s becoming less about what i’m craving and more about WHY i’m craving it (and, naturally, when i should consume it).

before i eat, i’m thinking about what i’ll be doing for the next hour or two.  am i going to be sitting at my desk?  will i be out running errands?  am i wrangling kids?  am i going to yoga?

power meals. that’s what i’m going for.  i haven’t mastered these just yet.  and truthfully, i can always be hungry (that’s the case no matter what i eat — FKD: fat kid syndrome).  but i’m headed in the right direction.

a couple of new favorites:

left: 1 cup cooked red quinoa, handful power greens (this is a blend from PCC — you can use any greens you’d like), green onions, 1/4 of an avocado, an ounce or two of feta, and a tablespoon of annie’s green goddess dressing.  doesn’t get much better than that!

right: 1 cup cooked old fashioned oats, cinnamon, a dribble of milk, fresh blueberries, and a bit of brown sugar. great for breakfast or a pseudo-dessert.


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