austin: night times.

The night turned out spectacularly, as expected.

Nevermind the 12 year old drunks and the tacky “I’ll molest you all over this tiny, crowded room and let’s take photos of ourselves doing it” couple. Not even THEY could spoil this one.

The show started late. WAY late. But it was well worth both the wait and the obnoxious folks who seem to be drawn to us at every show (this includes the throuple behind us in line fighting over smoking and smoking while doing so. Not to mention the fact that they were trying to pawn off a used “AIDS-free” sweatband to passersby. “AIDS-free” was shouted every 1.6 seconds for the half hour we were in line, just to be sure we were clear — that’s over 2700 times).

Anyway, Matt Pond PA and his broken leg had the first set. Pretty amazing, they were. The venue was small so we were only a couple of tall people from the stage. Rocky Votolato hopped on next. See them both live if you can — you’ll be thankful you did.

The night was capped with a tremendous experience at Austin Daily Press, a food truck outside of Club Deville. The guy poking his head out the window was darling. We ordered the black forest ham (a panini-esque sandwich filled with ham, like eight types of cheese, and spicy ranch) – another 10 on the food meter (washed my palate free of that nasty ass Stubbs). We also tried the PB+J hush puppies (wonderful and different) and an order of the jalapeño ones too (also wonderful minus the side of ketchup they served them with). All in all a really solid end to the evening.

We’re off to San Antonio for the day to do the river walk. Hoping to ride in a canoe with a little man standing at the front paddling us (does that happen there?). This evening we will be kayaking around Town Lake for the bat tour.


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