London // Intro

Miles walked: 10

Flights climbed: 17

Steps: 21,000

Temperature: 81 damn degrees! (but hardly complaining)

Much of our first day was spent in east London. Being a bit tired from a ridiculous 24 hours of travel, it was rather refreshing to begin our journey at a level pace (and away from gaggles of [other] tourists).

First we hit Old Spitafields Market, on the hunt for treasures. I picked up a great bag from an adorable market vendor called Poli & Jo. They make these incredible totes out of the same canvas that’s used on Land Rover roofs. I mean, COOL!

The food vendors were a plenty. We spent ample time stuffing our faces with a brisket bun and some arancini as big as your head…

After lunch we booked it towards Shoreditch to catch the Columbia Road Flower Market before close. This would be a Sunday staple for me if we were to reside in London — PLANT HEAVEN! There were seven billion sweaty people, shoulder to shoulder, hoofing it through on this 81 degree day so it was a bit difficult to casually meander, but we got a good taste of this gem. The vendors were slingin’ flowers like I’d never seen! It was lovely to listen to the friendly banter. Certainly worth a wander if you’re here on a Sunday. We also managed to find an iced coffee — something we’d been on the hunt for since arriving.

We took our time wandering back to our flat in Notting Hill, hitting some great shops, grabbing groceries, and chasing the last bit of golden light before it vanished behind the horizon of buildings.

Dinner at Taqueria in Notting Hill did NOT disappoint. My jalapeño tacos were a winner; stuffed with goat cheese and crema and topped with fried onions. I could have had 12, easy.

Tomorrow, once our superpowers have been restored, we’ll hit some of the iconic spots. Stay tuned.

Groceries from Daylesford Market

Snacky dinner at our flat.

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