Jackson, Wyoming

Stop #5  //  Jackson, Wyoming

Where to wander  //  Another small, charming town set in a scenic valley amidst the majestic Grand Tetons.  No matter which direction you look, you’re guaranteed to see something beautiful.  A lot of really great shops (be sure to stop by Mountain Dandy — it stole our hearts!).

Not surprisingly, Jackson was full of tourists.  It was definitely one of the busiest stops on our adventure.  We stayed clear of a lot of the “touristy” spots and really enjoyed ourselves.  We had to fight of hoards of humans to get this solo shot.

Where to sleep  //  We scored a weird little log cabin at Elk Country Inn right near the city center.  A small handful of these cabins are squished between strip malls and big box stores.  But once you’re inside, you’d never know.  These adorable little rooms were perfect for our evening in Jackson.  Cozy and clean and stocked with everything you need for an easy night of rest.  The relatively inexpensive rate was extra attractive, since lodging in Jackson can run you a pretty penny.  The icing on the cake was this view from the front porch!

What to eat  //  Another win in the food category.  All three of our Jackson meals were near perfection.

We grabbed a table at Local Restaurant + Bar for dinner.  Great ambiance and consistently good American fare with a fab wine list to boot.  We were ravenous, and ordered one of everything.  There wasn’t a bite left.  

Breakfast at Lotus Organic Cafe was divine and healthful (a welcome respite from the heavy dinner the night before).  Cheryl ordered this pancake that was out of this world, and I went with a quinoa scramble that also rocked my foodie world.  

But the real winner of the Jackson eating experience was Picnic.  Dear God, please open one of these on every corner of every street.

First: this bloody.  

Second: this Cuban.

And third: this remarkably incredible s’mores cookie that was maybe the best sweet treat I’ve ever sunken my chops into.  Crispy and gooey and light and dense and UGHHHH.  I can’t wait to meet again!  


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