on change:

and aging, and staying positive…

To my crotchety, ungrateful, excruciating pain in the ass Great Aunt who refuses to accept change and adjust to life here in Seattle.  We love you, now be nice! 


Change is a funny thing…

They say it happens when the fear of something staying the same is greater than the fear of change itself

They also say your life does not get better by chance, but rather by change. 

They say a lot about change, and what they say is always changing. 

It’s true that change is hard, and confusing, and has the potential to turn your everything upside down. 

But it’s also the only constant in this world — the one thing that we know as inevitable.  The people, the sky, the weather, our minds, our hearts, our bodies — life is in a consistent state of progression — moving ever forward with the clock, with the sun, with the environment. 

Our job?  To keep up.  To embrace this change with open arms — to ride the jacket tails of this swift world  —  hair blowing wildly in the wind! To remember that we’re only here on borrowed time — let go of what’s happened, because what’s gone is gone — we can’t go backwards, only forwards.  We only have today and the days that follow. 

I may not be the most seasoned gal on the block, with only 29 years under my belt.  But I lead a pretty rich life (and God knows it’s not because of my measly paycheck!).  I’ve found that the only way to truly live is to be full of love and laughter and light.  It takes work, hard work.  And it takes courage, lots of it.  But letting go of the past and welcoming every new day with hope and inspiration is a small trade off for a full heart.

I give beyond my means.  I never fail to show appreciation — to be grateful.  I sacrifice.  I exercise — body and mind.  I giggle.  I cry.  I hug often.  I love deeply.  I go out of my way to catch a smile.  I LIVE! 

I know your transition hasn’t been the easiest — I can’t imagine how it could be.  From a lifetime in one place, to a new city, a new state, a new home.  I think you’re very strong.  I think you’re very smart.  And I think you’re very capable of making this situation into a wonderful one.  It will take work, and it will take courage, but I believe you can do it.  You’ve already started!!!

Know that over the past months, we’ve all wanted only that for you — a wonderful situation. 

Please remember that we’ve done our very best to give you a beautiful new home — one where you are comfortable and happy and warm.  We’ve given beyond our means, we’ve sacrificed, we’ve cried.  To say it’s been a trying time for everyone would be a wild understatement.  But through it all, we’ve never discounted your feelings, your comfort, or your well-being.  That has always been the motivator — giving you what you need to be as happy and healthy as possible — because we think you deserve that. 

So this isn’t San Jose.  This isn’t your old home.  These aren’t the people who used to help you.

But this is Seattle.  This is your new home.  These are the people who are dropping everything to help you.  These are people who love you enough to keep trying, to keep loving, even in spite of negativity, or backlash. 

This is love.  This is family.  This is LIFE!  Embrace it.  Embrace us.  Open your heart.  Smile.  Laugh.  Love.  LIVE! 

Time’s tickin’…



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  1. Kyrnan says:

    spot on with eloquence, kindness of heart and support. love you!

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