Happy Thanksgiving Morning.

In honor of a day dedicated to feasting, I figured it only appropriate to start it with something exceptionally healthful: the “dreadful” green drink!


This one is far from dreadful, I must say. Cheryl’s been doing the healthful smoothie for the last couple of weeks, full of berries, nanners, coconut water, and some mean powder that tastes like dirt if you use too much, but is undetectable if you don’t go overboard (this would be called Green’s Organic). She also throws in some kale and cilantro for an extra boost.

I’m still on my quest to recreate the divine green juice I ordered at the Whole Foods in Austin. This morning I got pretty close.

Blend the following:
1/4 cup water (or coconut water, if you prefer)
One small apple
One celery stalk
Handful of greens
Small handful of fresh cilantro
Half scoop Green’s Organic
Juice of half lemon

I add a couple of ice cubes at the end to keep it extra cold. An exceptionally healthful and surprisingly filling breakfast! You’ll undoubtedly feel ready to conquer the world after (and later, your plate of turkey).

We’ve just ordered a vitamix (can hardly hold my horses). What’s that mean for you? Many smoothie recipes to come!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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