Art + Air Festival; Albany, Oregon

If you happen to be looking for the dictionary definition of love, amidst a bunch of other mumbo-jumbo, you’ll most certainly find a reference to “happily entertaining last minute decisions to drive to the middle of nowhere for an unknown festival.”

(or something of that nature).



PizzAmore: Albany, Oregon (so, so).


We attended mainly for this “night glow” event thinking they’d lift off and light the sky…



Unfortunately they don’t lift off in the evening. But they sure were beautiful.

Tonight STYX plays here (we won’t be stYking around ((ha)) — headed out to meander up the coast):


Here we be (in the beer garden where I got my hands on a Gilgamesh brew called something with Vaper — delish! Must research when home):


Worth the drive? Yep.
1) the balloons were pretty damn incredible. I love all things that fly/float/soar.
2) the interstate is quite picturesque this far south.
3) the people watching at a small town festival is priceless (as was some of the art, which I’m now kicking myself for not picturing).

First stop today: Gathering Together Farm, an organic farm in Philomath, Oregon. MANY photos to come, I’m sure.


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