NYC part two…or eight…or…

I think I missed a day in here somehow. I don’t know where the time goes in this city!

We haven’t stopped. Not for a second. I’m finally getting the foot tireds. I’m guessing we walked well over 20 miles today. Makes me feel a little less guilty for indulging in every good looking eatery we see or smell.

We’ll start with nyc day two (I guess that would be yesterday??):

First stop: 911 Memorial. Emotional, chilling, and really quite unbelievable. One of the best memorials I have ever seen.


Second stop: Battery Park.
Cheryl was hoping for Ellis Island. Unfortunately the line was out of control (and I’m not just talking a little out of control — I’m talking the people in the back probably won’t get a ferry today out of control).
We hopped the Stanten Island Ferry instead. Free boat rides are better anyway! Apparently we weren’t the only ones with the idea (as if) and it was one hell of a packed boat. But the views were well worth it: we drove right past the statue of liberty, Ellis island, and had a remarkable view of the Manhattan skyline. If you haven’t, add it to your list of NY to-dos.


Our next wander landed us at Grand Central Station which seriously blew my little brain. Massive and gorgeous. I could have spent all day staring at the walls. Instead we grabbed lunch from the market (think a small scale pike place in the train station) and had a very New York lunch in a business courtyard with a lot of brave pigeons.


After lunch we hit the Empire State Building (no, we didn’t go up) and the library before heading to Washington Square Park to lounge for a few minutes before dinner (I wasn’t kidding — we’ve been eating every second of every day).




Dinner was delicious: Babbo (a gwenyth recommendation, of course). Cheryl struck gold with their fettuccini. The host was a little stuffy, but his blonde sidekick was quite wonderful. (the night prior we ate at Otto which I think I failed to report on as well — both are Mario Batali restaurants. Otto won in my book — great pizza, pasta and ambiance)


After dinner we tagged along with Bryce to a screening for the Trevor Project (we made a pit stop at this great place called Jeffery’s — details to come). Post-screening we wound our way through Chelsea, stopping for yet ANOTHER nibble and a bottle of wine at a great joint called something I can’t remember. We closed the night with our first NYC can ride. Efficient.

Today we did Chelsea, walked the High Line, shopped (and ate!) the meatpacking district (hello new leather bag!), walked through the Village, navigated Soho, had a picnic in Central Park, and scoped out the upper eastside. Details tomorrow when I can form a proper sentence.


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