nyc am one.

Grabbed the quickest most convenient breakfast we were able at a diner across the street from Bryce’s apt. After our red eye into JFK, all we cared about was sustenance.

Market Diner: food was fine — nothing to write home about but nourished us all the same. Service was quick and cordial.

Post-inhale we set out on foot towards Times Square…



Did a little shopping along 5th Avenue. Bought some necessary items (handbags, bracelets, you know…). Stopped into Bergdorf Goodman to gawk at all the rich folk (my God, man).

Wound through Rockefeller Center:


Then landed at The Plaza Hotel (yowza! and under construction–boo). Mosied through the lobby and found ourselves in The Plaza Food Hall. And wow, were we ever glad we did…

I ordered my old fashioned (sans cherry, sub orange – guess that’s more of a manhattan, appropriately) and we decided on the lobster guacamole for a little fuel.

Hands down, best old fashioned I’ve ever had (+ 1 point). And that lobster guac — oh my (+ 3 points). Fresh tortilla chips on a bed of extra zippy guacamole with a plop of zesty lobster. Perfection.



On our way out we grabbed a couple of macaroons — chocolate, lemon, and apricot (a little mouth orgasm may have resulted) and enjoyed them in central park.


Once our dear Bryce gets home, we’ll be headed out once again. But for now, a mini siesta.


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